12 Jobs Comedians Had Before They Were Famous – Laughspin

Sometimes we all need some inspiring evidence that lousy jobs don’t last forever. put together a great list of twelve high hitting comics and the jobs they used to have before fame and fortune. The jobs range from normal and mundane to just weird enough that they sound like a sitcom. All credit goes to Laughspin on this article!

Ellen DeGeneres: Door-to-door vacuum saleswoman.

Dane Cook: Newspaper delivery boy.

Jim Carrey: Janitor.

Jon Stewart: Children’s puppeteer.

Louis C.K.: Auto mechanic.

Zach Galifianakis: Busboy in a strip club!

Drew Carey: Denny’s waiter.

Kevin Hart: Shoe salesman.

Gabriel Iglesias: Cellphone salesman.

Jim Gaffigan: Advertising.

Jerry Seinfeld: Over the phone light bulb salesman!

Whoopi Goldberg: Mortuary cosmetologist!

Check out for the details behind the list and what the comedians have the say about their past occupations!

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